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Seth Isaac Johnson


Stats: 5'7"


Hair: Brown

Born: 2000

Location: Vancouver BC | West Hollywood, CA









"Seth Isaac Johnson is a uniquely talented actor in my opinion.  I came away impressed with the talent and drive he possesses. He is truly exceptional and gifted beyond his years... He was a joy to work with in all regards and it was this and his talent that helped create the masterful series "The Killing" became.
Having worked in a variety of environments with actors across the age spectrum, Seth was one that truly left an impression. He possesses a wide range that "The Killing" never truly allowed him to expand upon... an actor of his talent will undoubtedly make significant personal and professional contributions to the American entertainment industry, of this I am certain. "


Patty Jenkins - Director of  WONDER WOMAN Academy Award Winning "MONSTER"

" THE KILLING we had a series that showed the true consequences for those left behind. I ended up not caring a whole lot about who killed Rosie Larsen, but I cared a great deal about her grieving family.

- Stephen King 



 "Seth has always come to work with a real knowledge of the scenes we’re doing and I’ve come to take for granted that he will show up fully prepared.  The amazing thing about Seth is his sensitivity and how he is able to project that quality of emotional truth into his performance – he seemingly doesn’t hide behind anything when in front of the camera and his ability to do that in such a genuine way really puts him into that very small club of other amazing young actors I’ve worked with...his work as Denny Larsen on THE KILLING always surprised and enriched the scenes he was in – and more often than not the emotional weight of those scenes were carried squarely on his shoulders.  I am looking forward to seeing more great work from Seth in the years to come."



Phil Abraham - Director "The Walking Dead", "MadMen", "The Following", "The Sopranos"



"Seth is an incredibly talented actor who shows consummate and consistent professionalism on set despite the very long hours and frequently difficult material. He is able to tackle dense and difficult material while feeling naturalistic and preserving an authentic quality to every moment, every scene. I cannot recommend him enough. It was an honor and privilege to have him as part of my cast on The Killing."



Veena Sud - Executive Producer "Cold Case", "The Killing"


2010 - present

2010 - present