"in THE KILLING we had a series that showed the true consequences for those left behind. I ended up not caring a whole lot about who killed Rosie Larsen, but I cared a great deal about her grieving family.

- Stephen King 

"Seth Isaac Johnson is a uniquely talented actor in my opinion. I came away impressed with the talent and drive he possesses. He is truly exceptional and gifted beyond his years... He was a joy to work with in all regards and it was this and his talent that helped create the masterful series "The Killing" became.
Having worked in a variety of environments with actors across the age spectrum, Seth was one that truly left an impression. He possesses a wide range that "The Killing" never truly allowed him to expand upon... an actor of his talent will undoubtedly make significant personal and professional contributions to the American entertainment industry, of this I am certain. "

Patty Jenkins - Director of Wonder Woman and Academy Award Winning "MONSTER"










"I feel like now they're my little brothers. I love messing with them and giving them a hard time, and they are very smart and really good actors, too. The conversations that they have between each other are hilarious. At their age, I never had the kind of conversations they do. They're talking about things like how worms have five hearts. But I don't really look at them as kids. I look at them as talented actors who are working and doing their thing."



 - Jamie Anne Allman - Actor AMC


“The Killing” is still fresh and innovative...  While fans will be kept wondering, “Who killed Rosie Larsen?” for at least another season, they’ll be rewarded along the way with genuine emotional struggle and stellar performances from the entirety of the cast.




At Saturday night's 64th Annual Directors Guild of America Awards Dinner, director Patty Jenkins snagged the award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Dramatic Series for her work on The Killing's Season 1 "Pilot."

Patty Jenkins had been up against Michael Cuesta (Homeland, "Pilot," Showtime), Tim Van Patten (Game of Thrones, "Winter is Coming" [Pilot], HBO), Michael Waxman (Friday Night Lights, "Always" [Series Finale], NBC), and AMC's own Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad, "Face Off"). 



- Bob Tourtellotte - REUTERS



"I loved the scene where young Denny stole money from his sleeping parents and walked to the store in his pajamas to buy milk for breakfast – a bowl of Rosie’s fave cereal, Bits and Pieces. Tom chastised him; eating Rosie’s food was off-limits. He was going to rat out Denny to Mom and Dad. “Go ahead,” Denny said. “They don’t care about us.” Chilling. A killer moment."


- Jeff JensenEw.com


For me, the more gratifying scenes to play are with the family, especially the little boys and again, it's the intricacy and the microscopic way in which we watch this family fracture and how we each go in and out. I loved doing the scenes with the little boys. They are such wonderful actors and great kids and I always get really moved when they are on set so those are probably my favorite scenes to play.


- Michelle Forbes




I had the pleasure of working with Seth on the show. He always made me smile when he walked on set. He is a treasure to be around. 
He delivered a line in one of the episodes (which was sadly cut) that brought me to tears. 
All the best to him.


Peter Wunstorf, ASC

Cinematographer on The Killing




"The entire cast does a fantastic job of bringing their characters to life. It is extremely easy to relate to them and that is where the rollercoaster of emotions kick in. I felt the angst of the detectives, the innocence and joy of Rosie's siblings, the hope, desperation and pain of Rosie's parents and finally the anger of Rosie's dad all in one night!"


-Frank Ranu




Such an awesome scene-the acting is incredible- from all of them.The kids are so natural. They really seem like brothers. They're perfect

~ Official AMCTV blog


The ability to cry on cue is a good skill to have, especially when you’re in the TV series The Killing, cast in the role of 10-year-old boy whose older sister has been brutally murdered....

It’s an acting trick (Seth) has already honed to perfection, and one he uses often in The Killing. Earlier this week, the show — which airs Sundays on AMC — was nominated for three Critics’ Choice TV Awards, including Best Drama, Best Actress (Mireille Enos) and Best Supporting Actress (Michelle Forbes).



Jamie Hall - The Edmonton Journal